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Feeling exhausted? Regain some energy with these 3 tips!

1️⃣ Give yourself time to rest and recover
Days off are meant for recovery, but if your weekends are filled with taking care of your kids, elderly, or someone sick, you may be starting your week more drained than you anticipate. Carve out time over the weekend to give yourself some needed R&R, so you’ll be more energized the rest of the week.

2️⃣ Do what makes you happy
Need a mood booster? Add an activity you enjoy doing. Whether it’s making sure you get alone time as an introvert or meeting up with a friend as an extrovert, you’ll find an extra boost of energy after resting with purpose.

3️⃣ Sleep and exercise
Both are important, but if you are pressed for time and can only choose one, here’s a quick guide to help you decide.
Check your tendencies (you’ll often choose it without much thought) and ask yourself some quick questions:
1. Will training help you sleep better tonight?
2. Will skipping this workout make you feel more rested and stronger?
3. Any injuries, aches, pain, fatigue, or feeling run down?
The more you pay attention to your body, the more you’ll know what your body really needs to feel better.

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Looking to improve your meetings? Here are 5 tips.

1️⃣ Have a clear agenda
Ask yourself these two questions:
1. What questions do you need to have answered?
2. What is your ideal outcome?
Write your answers down, bring them to your meeting, and make sure you get these addressed before your meeting ends.

2️⃣ Set an end time and keep it
Be clear about how much time you have when scheduling. It’ll help everyone prepare and make the most of your meeting.

3️⃣ Start your meeting with your purpose and meeting length
Don’t expect everyone to remember. Clarity will help everyone reorient and get in the right headspace.

4️⃣ End your meeting with clear directions
Save the last 5-10 minutes to confirm everyone’s next actions and time frames to make sure everyone is clear about how the project will move forward. Set an alarm if needed to keep the meeting on schedule.

5️⃣ Give yourself cushion between meetings
If you can, give yourself at least 15 minutes between meetings, so you won’t be stressed if a meeting runs over and worried about keeping your next meeting waiting. Give yourself time to reset and prepare for success.

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Want to be more productive with your day? 4 tips!

Maximize your time with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Categorize your tasks and events
Prevent visual overload and clearly see how you spend your time in the day by assigning a color to each category and even shades of colors for subcategories.

2️⃣ Breakdown your projects into smaller chunks
Work back from your deadline and break your time into 30-120 minute chunks. By planning enough time for your tasks, you can actually enjoy your downtime and not feel the need to be productive all the time.

3️⃣ Block off time for new tasks and projects
Don’t forget to leave some time to plan the following week and for other tasks or events that may come up midweek.

4️⃣ Consider energy management
Find some tasks more draining than others? Try to space out the tasks that are draining between tasks you enjoy or find energizing to balance your day and week.

Give it a try!

Learn how much time you actually spend on daily activities (it’s often more than you think!)

Find it easier to say no to tasks and social events

Maximize your day and maintain a better life balance

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Want to be a great leader? Adopt the right mindset!

1️⃣ Growth vs Fixed Mindset
✔️ Growth Mindset – intelligence, abilities, and talent can be developed
❌ Fixed Mindset – intelligence, abilities, and talent are inherent
Leaders with a growth mindset tend to embrace challenges, persist more, take advantage of feedback, and achieve more

2️⃣ Learning vs Performance Mindset
✔️ Learning Mindset – motivated to pursue mastery
❌ Performance Mindset – motivated to gain favorable opinions from others
Leaders with a learning mindset are more likely to seek feedback, try harder, adapt better, and perform better

3️⃣ Deliberate vs Implementation Mindset
✔️ Deliberate Mindset – open to a variety of information to find the optimal approach
❌ Implementation Mindset – focused on how to implement a decision
Leaders with a deliberate mindset can be more open-minded to new and different ideas, leading to better decision making

4️⃣ Promotion vs Prevention Mindset
✔️ Promotion Mindset – focused on winning and progressing towards goals
❌ Prevention Mindset – focused on avoiding problems and losses
Leaders with a promotion mindset are more likely to think positive and perform at a higher and more innovative level

Want to develop deeper connections and a stronger network? 5 tips to improve your networking skills.

1️⃣ Send an email to prospects you’ve spoken with in the last 3 months
Check-in and circle back on their potential projects. This can be just the reminder they need to move forward or can help keep your business in mind for future work.

2️⃣ Check in with your best clients, especially if you haven’t received new work recently
Send an email to reconnect and find out how they are doing. Oftentimes, listening to your clients’ current projects and needs is the path to new projects.

3️⃣ Connect with other professionals who provide different services to clients like yours
Use social media like #LinkedIn to contact with these professionals. Learn more about their expertise and share how your services can help.

4️⃣ Leverage your referral network and make an introduction connecting your client to someone who has referred work to you
Connecting others reminds them of your value and understanding of their business

5️⃣ Reach out to clients who provided interesting feedback on recent work.
Continue to improve your performance through collecting and implementing feedback from clients

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Want to worry less and relax more on vacation? 3 tips.

Ever feel anxious about work on vacation? You are not alone. Have a better vacation with these tips

1️⃣ Check Your Expectations and maximize your satisfaction and time off by asking yourself these questions
Why do you want a vacation?
How do you want to feel on your vacation?
How do you want to feel when you return?
Plan your PTO around these answers

2️⃣ Determine Your Availability 🗓 Will you be available while on vacation?
If yes, set your work-time boundaries by determining when and how long you plan to be available
If not, set a plan with someone you trust to handle urgent matters while you’re away
While completely unplugging is ideal, figure out what works best for you

3️⃣ Give Yourself Time to Reset
Plan buffer time to help you reset from your vacation. Fully enjoy your travels by writing down your favorite moments. Go for a walk. Exercise.
Give yourself extra time between your vacation and work to help avoid feeling overwhelmed.
Schedule a meeting with those who covered for you and turn off your out of office message a day later (if you can) to give yourself time to catch up

Business Development Tactics 101: Are you doing these 3 things essential to business growth?

Continue to grow your business with these quick tips.

1️⃣ Networking
Consider finding points of interest and build or attend groups around them. You’ll have a good environment with a commonality that’ll breed networking. Consider where your best clients and referral sources would be and go to those events.

2️⃣ Media exposure, through podcasts, interviews, LinkedIn, and video
Your clientele can get a better sense of who you are and associate you with positive interactions and positive press. It also helps you appear as an expert.

3️⃣ Hiring talent that fits your niche and culture
Be smart about the people you find. Find what their strengths are and make sure it’s the right match. Be clear about your values and expectations.

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Starting a law firm with Alina Lee: Alina featured on the Lawyer Business Advantage podcast!

Thank you so much for interviewing me for your Lawyer Business Advantage podcast, ! I enjoyed exchanging experiences and hearing your valuable insights into law firm business development!

Quotes from our conversation:

“I really enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them, connecting and building relationships…having your own business is kind of the perfect excuse to do a lot of that.” — Alina Lee

“Either you’re winning or you’re learning. As long as you continue to play the game, one of those things will happen.” —

“It’s totally common to change your law firm name…as your law firm evolves.” —

“It used to be that there was a strong preference for working with a big name. Now, for the first time, there is more of an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.” — Alina Lee


Are you thinking of moving from Corporate America to establishing your own business? Read this Q+A to get started

1️⃣ How are you wired? Do you like getting the work done? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?
Understanding what work you enjoy will help you determine what work you’ll want to keep or delegate

2️⃣ How do you grow a solid team?
While there are many leadership styles, here are some basic points to building a great team
✅ Be available to your team early on
✅ Keep everyone on the same page by explaining the big picture with the results you want
✅ Invest in your team’s professional development
✅ Learn to delegate
✅ Be flexible and patient

3️⃣ Not sure if you can afford to hire an associate or assistant?
While you may be doing most of the work at the start, you won’t be able to scale as easily if you do all the work. When you start running out of bandwidth, look into getting support.

4️⃣ Don’t know how to run a business?
You don’t have to have a business degree to have a successful business. Consider hiring a business advisor to help you. There are no secrets! Continue to work on yourself, be patient, and do what’s necessary to make your team better.

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Want to grow your business? 3 tips

1️⃣Maximize cross-selling opportunities by building trust
Treat colleagues like an outside referral partner

✅ Get to know your colleagues, their clients, and their expertise
✅ Educate them about when to think of you
✅ Visit meetings of other practice groups
✅ Give business

2️⃣ Create new opportunities by leveraging technology

✅ Use video conferencing platforms to build trust and connection, especially for the first call
✅ Create credibility and boost visibility through webinars, thought leadership, and social media presence
Narrow your position in the marketplace and target your messaging to your target audience to maximize results

3️⃣ Attract and build relationships that are of special interest to you

Identify what is going to make your practice most enjoyable. Business growth isn’t just about getting business through the door. It’s about attracting work you enjoy.

✅ Build and maintain relationships with interesting people you enjoy getting to know
✅ Create opportunities around matters important to you
✅ Meet in person to elevate relationships and share experiences
✅ Maintain human connection and continue to build trust

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