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Want to be more successful? Here are 5 tips.

Have more fun finding success with these helpful tips.
1️⃣ Be more optimistic
✔️ Did you know that your intelligence and technical skills only predict about 25% of your job success? The remaining 75% of long-term job success is predicted by your optimism, social connection, and perceived stress.
✔️ Optimistic people tend to have a growth mindset and are more resilient, persistent through challenging times. They are also more likely to take positive actions towards their own futures. 
✔️ How to be more optimistic? Be in the present and know that giving your best in every moment will lead to a positive future. Be grateful. Adopt a long-term view with positive and realistic expectations.
2️⃣ See problems as opportunities
✔️ Those who view problems as opportunities for growth excelled and were more resilient through tough times than those who perceived problems as threats. The good news is that this attitude can be learned. Shifting your perspective can decrease your stress symptoms by nearly 25% and improve not only happiness but also engagement at work.
3️⃣ The more work you have, the more social support can help
✔️ The people who best survive stressful and competitive environments increase their social connection and network during those times as opposed to limiting them. 
✔️ While receiving support can help, giving support has even more benefits. The top 25% of those who give support are 10x more engaged than the bottom 25%, are happier, and are also 40% more likely to be promoted in the following 2 years.
4️⃣ Send a short appreciation message
✔️ As soon as you start work in the morning, send a short message thanking or praising someone at work. Something as small as a “thank you” email or text daily can improve your social connection at work and teamwork within your organization. 
5️⃣ Change habits through tiny actions
✔️ People who consciously create positive habits reach higher levels of success, experience less stress, and have more resilience. Taking the first step is often the hardest part, so do something to make positive habits easier to start, even by something as small as 20 seconds. 
✔️ Enjoy exercising in the morning, but sometimes don’t feel like it? Put your workout clothes next to your bed, so it’s easy to get dressed and go. Likewise, make negative habits more difficult, like placing your phone across the room, so it’s not the first thing you check in the morning. 
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Are you burning the midnight oil? Here are 5 tips.

Manage your productivity levels through a heavy workload with these helpful tips. 
1️⃣ Schedule your time
Plan out how you will spend your time, including your breaks. Be as detailed with your breaks as you are with your work to maximize your productivity.
2️⃣ Focus for 50 minutes. Then take a break 
50 minutes is about the time you can focus deeply before a break is needed. You can use one of your breaks in the day to check emails or social media, but time away from your screen or desk is necessary to clear your mind.
3️⃣ Put your cell phone away during work
Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but put your phone away when you can. Anytime you can focus deeply and work uninterrupted will increase your productivity. 
4️⃣ Add variety to your breaks
Restore your attention by creating targeted breaks, like walking in nature. Any movement is great, and adding small things you enjoy, like good music or a nice snack, can also motivate you through the challenges of a high workload.
5️⃣ Commit to a time to end your workday
Giving yourself a hard stop to your workday gives you the time to spend with family and friends and other restorative activities. While such breaks may seem luxurious, they allow your brain to make connections and solve problems more efficiently and are critical for those who work in stressful and demanding environments.

Sometimes working late is unavoidable, but just don’t take it so lightly. Make a conscious choice about what makes you whole at work and in life.

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Want to live a fuller life? Here are 4 tips.

Face these hard truths to help you live a richer and fuller life. 
1️⃣ You are going to die…someday
✔️ This is a reminder, your wake-up call, to spend your time well and make better choices. Don’t lose track of what’s really important and meaningful. Think priorities and big picture
✔️ Give yourself a healthy dose of perspective. Appreciate what you have as if it’s the last time, and experience things to the fullest as if it’s your first time
2️⃣ Anything worth doing in life requires more work than you think
✔️ The amount of work (let’s say 10,000 hours of deliberate practice) it takes to become an expert can seem daunting, but that is why it is very important for you to pay attention to what you are passionate about. Being engaged and finding satisfaction in what you do has been found to ⬆️ psychological adjustments as you age. 
✔️ Don’t know your passion? Build it. You have a choice to either do things halfway and barely get by or make the commitment to become an expert and do something that makes an impact. Think growth mindset 
✔️ Want more positives? Working hard ➡️⬆️ your lifespan. Struggles ➡️ make life more meaningful. The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and keep learning and growing
3️⃣ You’ll never be perfectly happy
✔️ It’s easy to fall into the thinking of “if I do A, B, and C, I’ll be happy,” but you aren’t wired to experience perpetual bliss. You are wired for productivity (think natural selection). People who are happier and more successful have better coping skills. They are able to accept there’ll be bad moments and continue to work towards the good moments.
✔️ While you may not always be happy, life ebbs and flows, and being grateful for what you do have is one of the ways you can accept and survive the bad moments. 
4️⃣ People will let you down
✔️ No one is immune to making mistakes, and yes, you are going to get screwed occasionally. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop trusting people. In fact, those who trust more made 14.5% more income than those who had little to no trust.  
✔️ One of the biggest indicators of living a happier life is relationships. Even though people may disappoint you at times, they are also the greatest source of happiness. Trust and forgive. It’s better for you in the long run.
✔️ What is an indicator for a good relationship? think 5-1 ratio. You want 5 positive experiences for every negative one. For a good company? Make that ratio 3-1.
Don’t just survive through life, thrive.

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Are you starting your day off right? Here are 8 tips.

Highly successful people often attribute much of their success to sticking to their morning routines.

Why is a morning routine so important?
✔️You become more confident, grounded, focused, and productive
✔️Improves and prioritizes your well-being, giving you the energy to be at your best and show up for others more fully

Bring out your best with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Hydrate
✔️Drink 25% of your total water intake first thing in the morning. You wake up in the morning in a dehydrated state. Ever wonder why you wake up with brain fog? Your brain is made up of 80% water, so if you are dehydrated, you aren’t able to think as clearly. Feel better right away and start the hydration process early.

2️⃣ Go outside
✔️Get some sunlight. Soaking up the morning rays is a great way to set your circadian rhythm and get your vitamin D with less risk of sunburn.

3️⃣ Journal
✔️Clear your thoughts on paper. Writing in the morning can be a great way to release any anxiety caused by the thoughts running through your head. It also helps boost your memory and comprehension.

4️⃣ Move
✔️Whether it’s gentle stretching or exercise, moving your body in the morning is a great way to have more energy, think more clearly, sleep better, and be in a better mood.

5️⃣ Find Inspiration
✔️Read, watch, or listen to something or someone inspirational to motivate you and get you in a positive mindset to tackle the day ahead.

6️⃣ Have a gratitude list
✔️List 3 things you are grateful for and shift your focus on all the good in your life. Definitely a mood booster!

7️⃣ Meditate
✔️Want to be able to take on the stress of the day? Meditation improves your mood, focus, and stress management. In fact, consistent mindful meditation restructures your brain in as little as 8 weeks, making you mentally stronger and improving your overall well-being.

8️⃣ Anything that feels good to you!
✔️Give yourself the time and space to do something that helps you be at your best.

How do you start your morning?

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Are you feeling stuck or a little down? Here are 5 tips.

Be happier and more productive with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Check your beliefs
✔️ Emotions aren’t random, they follow your beliefs
✔️ Next time you have negative feelings, rather than focusing on the event, check your beliefs about that event – are they rational? Revise your beliefs ➡️ change your feelings

2️⃣ Accept the present
❌ Denial and complaining – drains you of energy and prevents you from moving towards a solution
✔️ Acknowledge your feelings – let them pass (don’t dwell), refocus on your heart with compassion, and reset
✔️ Accepting your situation doesn’t mean you are complacent or passive. Acceptance is essential to figure out what you can and want to do next

3️⃣ Focus your energy on what’s in your control
❌ Stop worrying about what you can’t do
✔️ Exclusively focus on what you can do to be happier and more productive with your time and energy

4️⃣ Count your blessings
✔️ Write down 3 things that went well for the day and the reasons why – it may feel awkward at first, but keep at it! It’ll definitely boost your mood
✔️ People who keep gratitude journals are 25% happier, sleep 30min more each day, and exercise 33% more than those who don’t
✔️ Write a thank you to someone who has done something good for you – increases positive social connection ➡️ increases happiness

5️⃣ Have a morning and evening ritual
✔️Feel happier with a routine each morning and night
✔️Evening ritual – have a winddown routine that involves some social interaction, gratitude, and scheduling something you can look forward to the next day
✔️Morning ritual – start your day in a good mood and with less stress by doing something that makes you happy and gives you a feeling of control

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Want to be happier? Here are 4 simple tips.

Make your days more enjoyable with these happiness principle hacks.

1️⃣ Savor the moment
Want to remember the good times even better?
✔️ Take a mental picture – the stronger the image, the better you can recall and savor those moments
✔️ Be in the present – don’t forget to enjoy and experience the moment through your other senses

2️⃣ Congratulate yourself
✔️ Physically express joy! Whether through words of affirmation or physical motion, like a fist pump or a happy dance, celebrating the moment makes the experience even better

3️⃣ Share the good news with friends
✔️ Sharing positive events with friends give a definite boost to your happiness level, especially with your extroverted friends who can celebrate with you
✔️ Even thinking about sharing a positive moment can increase happiness

4️⃣ Gratitude
✔️ Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day and the reason why – this daily practice is a powerful way to increase your happiness
✔️ Remember that nothing lasts forever – it’s bittersweet, but it is also a great way to keep perspective and appreciate the good moments when they come

These little actions, while small, are mighty when done more consistently.

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Want to stop being lazy and get more done? Here are 5 tips.

Have more freedom with your time with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Put those to-do lists down and schedule everything
✔️ Be realistic about what can be done
✔️ Do tasks at the most efficient time
✔️ Schedule time for those unexpected interruptions
✔️ Reduce the urge to procrastinate by having a fixed schedule
✔️ Schedule your free time – correlation to improved quality of life

2️⃣ Set the time you’re going home, and then work backward
✔️ Gives you work/life balance
✔️ Forces you to be more efficient with your time
✔️ Helps you prioritize what is most important
✔️ Prevents burnout

3️⃣ Plan your entire week
✔️ Spend time more wisely with a plan
✔️ More likely to achieve long term goals
✔️ Increases your follow-through

4️⃣ Do a few things and do them well
✔️ Not everything is essential
✔️ What creates real value? Prioritize your time based on your answer
✔️ Eliminate as much of the rest when possible

5️⃣ Focus less on the shallow stuff and more on the deep work
✔️ Block out time to do deep work to improve your skills and produce high-value results
✔️ Limit the time you are doing low value but time-consuming work, like meetings, emails, and moving information around

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Want to be more successful with content marketing? Here are 3 tips.

Be more client-centric to boost your brand with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Know your target audience to create compelling content
✔️ Define your audience, do persona research, and map out your client’s journey
✔️ Research your target audience’s most searched terms and content
✔️ Collect and analyze your audience/clients’ questions
✔️ Build content around their needs, wants, and challenges

2️⃣ Stand out from your competitors
✔️ See what content already exists
✔️ Find what other providers don’t offer or execute well
✔️ Create a strong base of content that is short, easy to understand, and in simple formats
✔️ Have range and depth of content in your area of expertise in one location, like your website, for added convenience

3️⃣ Be up to date on news and trends
✔️ Anchor content to emerging trends or news to win the attention of your audience
✔️ Prepare ahead by keeping track of upcoming events expected in your industry that’ll affect your company, your clients, and your competitors

Don’t forget to be flexible, so you can adapt your content to your audience’s needs, news, trends, and cultural shifts.

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Want to grow your business and build credibility? Here are 4 tips.

Leverage your opportunities to grow your business with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Ongoing education ➡️ improves business development
✔️ Develop and prove your skills to keep you sharp and relevant
✔️ Gain more confidence in areas of interest
✔️ Helps you become an expert in your field

2️⃣ Community engagement ➡️ builds your personal brand
✔️ Show up with the same business values you have when serving
✔️ Increases visibility in an authentic way
✔️ Strengthens your network

3️⃣ Leadership in a professional organization ➡️ strengthens your credibility
✔️ Pick a few organizations where you can go deep, be active, and serve
✔️ Increases visibility, credibility, and potential for referrals
✔️ Enhances knowledge with further education and peer conversations

4️⃣ Speaking opportunities ➡️ increase your authority
✔️ Ask to be in a speaking rotation in your organizations
✔️ Opportunity to deliver your message from a place of authority and connect with people
✔️ Catapults you in your group and externally when used in your business marketing

Pro Tip: For best results, be as active as possible in your community

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Want to build your book of business? Here are 2 effective LinkedIn tips.

Set yourself up for success through leveraging Linkedin with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Build connections by treating Linkedin as a virtual live networking event

1. Optimize your profile
✔️ Use your headline to share what you do, whom you work with, and a result your target audience can expect from working with you
✔️ Write in 1st person and format your profile to appeal to your target audience
2. Look for people who are good potential clients or strong referral partners
3. Introduce yourself with a connection request
✔️ Goal is to build relationships, so don’t go straight into a sales pitch

2️⃣ Increase exposure by engaging with your target audience

1. Go down newsfeed and look for posts that resonate with your target market
2. Comment on those posts with a specific point you liked or learned
3. Write posts that add value for your target audience
4. Make an influencer list (20 people) who have a big following in your market and make a point to comment and engage with them
✔️ Keep this to 15 minutes/day to stay focused
✔️ You can have someone write your posts to save time, but write your own comments

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