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For a limited time, get my Legal Audit for Businesses for $750 (normally $1,000)!

Want peace of mind around your business’s potential legal gaps? This is for you!

  • Over two 45-min Zoom calls, I learn about your business, ask questions to help identify your potential legal risks, and review up to 2 key contracts. I then provide an email with practical recommendations for how to address the gaps.
  • If your business doesn’t have a go-to business attorney or if you want a second opinion, this is a great way to get a legal “health check up” for your business.

* The first 5 clients who redeem and prepay before July 9, 2021 will receive this offer. Redeem by scheduling a free 15 min consult with me here and mentioning the offer. Subject to conflicts check, the business must be located in the USA, and you must agree to meet with Alina during mutually agreeable times M-F 8am-6pm.   

I specialize in providing businesses with day-to-day legal counseling services. Here are some of the many services I offer:

  • Custom contracts for your business from client agreements, independent contractor agreements, marketing releases, privacy policies, website terms of use, marketing promotion terms, and more
  • Practical legal counseling when you’re preparing to launch a new product or service
  • Review your website and marketing materials for legal compliance with state and federal laws
  • Intellectual property law services  for trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, and trade secrets.
  • Draft, revise, and negotiate key contracts
  • Prepare your business for sale or mergers and acquisition activity
  • Much more!  

I welcome your questions, interest, and business!

To redeem the offer or to see how I can help, schedule a free 15 min consult with me here  or provide your contact information here.

 Your Ad Attorney,

Alina Lee

When do you need a Privacy Law professional?

Q: When do you need a Privacy Law professional?

A: When you are collecting and receiving data about people–like their names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, payment information, demographics, or more. If you collect one or more pieces of data like that, you probably need a privacy policy, disclosures, and consent!

Over the last 12 months, European data protection authorities imposed fines totaling USD$192 million. Lawsuits and fines for misusing personal data can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for medium to large businesses.

Feel free to schedule a free 15 min consult with me to see if I can help!

Want to improve your LinkedIn presence? 3 Tips!

Boost LinkedIn visibility and article views with these 3 tips

1️⃣ The LinkedIn algorithm demotes posts with embedded links or photos. So what can you do? Summarize the content you were going to link to instead of adding the link and try not including a photo unless it adds a lot of value.

2️⃣ Use relevant and trending hashtags. Google “Top LinkedIn Hashtags” for lists of the best ones! Try using 2-4 highly ranked hashtags for better results.

3️⃣ Post your links in the comments section and mention in your post that the links are in the comments so your audience knows where to find it!

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Want to Build a Strong Brand Name? Think in Terms of Trademarks to Add Value to Your Brand!

Are you unsure how to select a brand name that is both memorable and a strong asset? From a trademark perspective, a good name can help you not only stand out but also protect your brand. Here are 3 types of marks to consider.

3 Types of Trademarks

1️⃣ A “Coined” Mark–a word that has no meaning in the English language
E.g., EXXON for gasoline

2️⃣ An “Arbitrary” Mark–a word that exists but is entirely unrelated to the business, product, or service that uses it
E.g., APPLE for computers

3️⃣ A “Suggestive” Mark–a word that suggests the nature of the product or service without describing it
E.g., NETFLIX for streaming services


✅ DO select the strongest types of trademarks: COINED and ARBITRARY marks

These provide an Opportunity to build a positive association between the name and the company, product, or service

❌ DON’T Select a brand name that DESCRIBES the product or service

These are more likely to be used by competitors leading to a higher risk of brand competition

Descriptive words must remain available to describe products and services

These are more likely to be rejected as trademarks


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Want to Improve your Zoom Presentations? Here are 3 helpful tips.

Speak and present online more confidently with these 3 tips.

1️⃣ Look more professional by keeping your camera at eye level. 👀

Avoid having your viewers look up at your chin and nose or down at your forehead by propping your computer up with books or a shoebox.

2️⃣ Don’t fear, get excited!

90% of nervousness symptoms, like sweating, shaking, and heart racing, aren’t visible on the outside, so you can rest easy and stay focused on your task!

3️⃣ Have a shaky voice?

Pause and speak louder to help your voice muscles relax.

How do you prepare for your presentations? Comment below!

Want to Feel More Comfortable Speaking and Presenting on Zoom? Here are 3 useful tips.

Lead with confidence with these 3 tips.

1️⃣ Think of your virtual background like clothing!

Is your meeting casual (fun background) or professional (simple background)? Match the setting, and don’t forget to pick clothing colors that contrast your background!

2️⃣ When distractions are rampant, keep your energy up and refocus! ⚡️

Don’t be discouraged if people aren’t paying attention! Pro tip: Look at the camera instead of your viewers to refocus on the task at hand.

3️⃣ Smile! 😁

Want to be more accessible? A symbol of warmth and friendship, smiling is a great way to reach more people. Just remember to not overdo it or use it as a mask!!

Building a New Brand? Make Sure to Follow These 2 Steps First.

Strengthen and protect your brand with these 2 steps.

1️⃣ Do a Trademark Clearance Search
Clearing a mark is vital to building a brand. Here are 3 reasons why.
✅ Reduces risk of objection to registration or use of a new mark by competitor or third party
✅ Gives insight into the potential competition by identifying identical or similar marks
✅ Prevents potential future trademark infringement

While it is tempting to save some money and skip this step, not properly clearing a mark (brand name) can have devastating consequences. Protect your brand equity

2️⃣ Check the Availability of Suitable Domain Names
✅ Secure a domain name early in the process to limit the likelihood of a third party registering the same domain name
Saves you from the costs of buying a domain name from a third party or the costs of legal action to enforce rights against cybersquatters
✅ Check domain names featuring potential marks to see if they redirect to a website
If the redirected website is controversial, consider selecting a new mark or proactively obtaining that domain name

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