Improve Your Marketing with a Marketing Strategy Mission Statement!

Q: What’s an example of a marketing strategy mission statement?

A: Here is mine –> “Your Ad Attorney, LLC and Alina Lee strive to provide the best industry tips, marketing law insights, and inspiration for marketing professionals and in-house attorneys to help them achieve successful marketing while reducing their legal risk.”


Q: Why should we create a MARKETING-specific strategy statement like this?

A: It’s like having a compass for your marketing! Don’t wander around the woods hoping to bump into your target audience. Have a clear direction for finding them, attracting them, and keeping them engaged!

The purpose of having a clearly defined content marketing strategy mission statement is to help you better focus on sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your desired audience to drive profitable customer action–every single time.


Q: Do you have a content marketing strategy statement?

A: Let me know if you’d like referrals to amazing marketing professionals! 

Are YOU using Strong Headlines?

About 60% – 80% of the time, people ONLY read your headlines!

Are you grabbing their attention or losing them?

This HEADLINE ANALYZER tool created by the Advanced Marketing Institute can help! –>

This FREE tool analyzes your headline and shows you if it will connect with your audience in a deep and emotional way. Strong emotions help people to remember you and your message!

–> Has a lawyer reviewed your Headlines and ADs?

Aggressive Headlines can also lead to legal risk!


Are you spending too much time in Meetings?

One study shows that 15%+ of a person’s job satisfaction is based on how satisfied they are with their work meetings!

5 tips to improve your work productivity and happiness

(1)  Look at your calendar with the intent to delete all of your meetings. Ask yourself why you need to keep any of them. Only keep the meetings that would be the best and highest use of your time. Cancel or decline the others and see if you’re more productive.

(2) Try shortening your meetings by 15 minutes each week until you get the best length.

(3) Have a clear purpose and agenda for all meetings or ask for these before you accept a meeting. If the meeting is not the best use of your time then consider declining the meeting.

(4)  Do you have daily/weekly/monthly recurring meetings? Try cancelling them and only scheduling those meetings when they are most valuable. Try sharing info via Microsoft Teams, productivity apps like, or a shared google doc instead.

(5) Be ok with not being at meetings. Feel confident in your decision to be productive in other ways.

Want more tips? Read “Joy At Work” by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein.

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Discussion: the partnership between in-house legal counsel and corporate communications professionals

Alina Lee joined Dave Poston, Esq. and Yoon Ettinger to discuss the partnership between in-house legal counsel and corporate communications professionals during crisis management in a virtual CLE event hosted by the Association of Corporate Counsel of Georgia on Feb 3, 2021. Over 70 in-house counsel and other industry professionals attended the event. 

Congratulations to Alina Lee and the nonprofit she serves — We Love BuHi, which won GNG’s True Blue Award this year!

Congratulations to Alina Lee and the nonprofit she serves — We Love BuHi, which won GNG’s True Blue Award this year!

When Alina Lee stepped up to help founder Marian Liou form We Love BuHi as a nonprofit 4 years ago, she didn’t know if they could make it work. They struggled to make ends meet for a long time but they continued to do their very best! They refused to give up and kept going no matter how razor-thin the budget. There were tears at times when they weren’t sure how to keep it up. Now, We Love BuHi is winning awards!

Alina is proud to be the founding board chair of We Love BuHi, a 501(c)3 nonprofit preserving the multicultural identity of Atlanta’s Buford Highway.

Please consider donating to We Love BuHi by becoming a sustaining member here:

Alina just donated $500! Join her!

Alina Lee — Now a Board Member of the Korean American Bar Association of Georgia (KABA)

KABA has played an important role in my life–its members are like my extended family. I attended KABA’s first ever event at the law firm Nelson Mullins in Fall of 2012. There, I first met one of my closest friends now, Sara Hamilton, for the first time.

I’ve met so many friends and mentors through KABA, such as June Lee, Han Choi, Steve Park, BJay Pak, Seam Park, Vanessa Suh, Greg Shin, and others. 

Today, Sara is the President of KABA and I’m proud to be serving alongside her as a Board Member.

Thank you to the existing Board of Directors for your support and I look forward to working with each of you to support KABA’s mission to elevate the visibility of Korean American attorneys and law students within the Georgia legal community. 

Consider attending a KABA event! We’re a fun bunch! See our calendar at 

Meet Tyriq Jackson — Your Ad Attorney, LLC’s new Legal Operations and Marketing Assistant!

Tyriq Jackson is the newest member of Your Ad Attorney! Tyriq’s experience spans political management, international affairs, and business development. 

Andrew Yang
Tyriq had the tremendous opportunity of working as a Bodyperson to 2020 U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang!

Jon Ossof
He also served as Special Projects Specialist to Senator-elect Jon Ossoff

Stacey Abrams
Tyriq was also a Special Assistant on Stacey Abrams’ 2018 Gubernatorial campaign. 

Morehouse College and Bard College
Tyriq graduated from Morehouse College and completed the Bard College’s Globalization and International Affairs program. 

Masters Degree Coming Soon
Currently, Tyriq is completing his masters degree in Social Innovation at Agnes Scott College. 

United Nations
In 2017, Tyriq was selected by the United Nations Association to represent the United States at the 42nd World Federation of the United Nations Association Plenary session in the Dominican Republic. At the meeting, Tyriq co-sponsored the “Free-Primary Education” bill, becoming 1 of 5 youth selected. Tyriq also became the first cohort member of the Emerging Leaders fellowship by the United Nations Association. 

Are you following laws like the “30-day Rule” when selling physical products online?

⤵WHAT is the “30-day Rule”?

Federal laws require that when you advertise and sell physical items, you must:

→  Have a reasonable basis for stating or implying that you can ship within a certain time.


→ If you make no shipment statement, you must have a reasonable basis for believing that you can ship within 30 days.

⤵WHEN does the 30-day rule apply?

It doesn’t matter how you market the items, how the customer pays, or who reached out first. The 30-day Rule still applies. This is even if the customer orders by mail, phone, or internet.

⤵WHAT HAPPENS if you can’t ship in time?

If you accept a customer’s order and then realize you can’t ship the product to them within the time you said or within 30 days, the law requires that you get your customer’s permission for the delay.

If you’re unable to get the customer’s permission (whether phone, email, or otherwise) the law requires that you immediately refund all the money your customer paid for the unshipped items.

Amazon to pay $61M for pocketing tips promised to drivers

Amazon told delivery drivers in its Amazon Flex program – and customers who placed orders through Prime Now and AmazonFresh – that 100% of tips would go directly to the drivers. But, for more than two years, Amazon secretly pocketed over $61 million of those tips. Now the Federal Trade Commission will hold Amazon to its promises and Amazon will be returning the entire $61.7 million to Amazon Flex drivers.

What can you learn from this case? 

When advertising, be transparent about material terms. Explain up front important information about pay, tips etc. If you change the nature of the deal, be clear about that, too. Concealing what’s going on can lead to class actions, fines, and investigations. 

Substantiate your claims – express or implied. 

Amazon misled customers and drivers by stating that “100% of tips are passed on to your courier.” How would customers have responded if Amazon had told them the truth: “We take 30% to cover our costs and pass on 70% to your courier”? Like other objective claims about products or price, companies also honor their representations to the public. 

Do you engage in marketing or have an online checkout flow for your products or services? → You may want to hire a marketing lawyer to keep you out of hot water. 


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