Want to grow your business and build credibility? Here are 4 tips.

Leverage your opportunities to grow your business with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Ongoing education ➡️ improves business development
✔️ Develop and prove your skills to keep you sharp and relevant
✔️ Gain more confidence in areas of interest
✔️ Helps you become an expert in your field

2️⃣ Community engagement ➡️ builds your personal brand
✔️ Show up with the same business values you have when serving
✔️ Increases visibility in an authentic way
✔️ Strengthens your network

3️⃣ Leadership in a professional organization ➡️ strengthens your credibility
✔️ Pick a few organizations where you can go deep, be active, and serve
✔️ Increases visibility, credibility, and potential for referrals
✔️ Enhances knowledge with further education and peer conversations

4️⃣ Speaking opportunities ➡️ increase your authority
✔️ Ask to be in a speaking rotation in your organizations
✔️ Opportunity to deliver your message from a place of authority and connect with people
✔️ Catapults you in your group and externally when used in your business marketing

Pro Tip: For best results, be as active as possible in your community

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Want to build your book of business? Here are 2 effective LinkedIn tips.

Set yourself up for success through leveraging Linkedin with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Build connections by treating Linkedin as a virtual live networking event

1. Optimize your profile
✔️ Use your headline to share what you do, whom you work with, and a result your target audience can expect from working with you
✔️ Write in 1st person and format your profile to appeal to your target audience
2. Look for people who are good potential clients or strong referral partners
3. Introduce yourself with a connection request
✔️ Goal is to build relationships, so don’t go straight into a sales pitch

2️⃣ Increase exposure by engaging with your target audience

1. Go down newsfeed and look for posts that resonate with your target market
2. Comment on those posts with a specific point you liked or learned
3. Write posts that add value for your target audience
4. Make an influencer list (20 people) who have a big following in your market and make a point to comment and engage with them
✔️ Keep this to 15 minutes/day to stay focused
✔️ You can have someone write your posts to save time, but write your own comments

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Are you looking to promote your business on a small budget? Here are 4 tips.

Get the most out of your investment with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Research buyer information habits and build a unique content base
✔️ Fill an information void in your industry
✔️ Deliver unique content base consistently to build your brand and reputation

2️⃣ Prioritize your content budget
1. Owned Content – website, blog, email, print
2. Earned Content – news, speaking engagements, influencers, events
3. Paid Content – social media ads, google ads, digital ads, event sponsorships, etc
✔️ Use earned and paid content to point back to your owned media content and include a clear call to action to people can book an appointment with you or directly purchase your product or services

3️⃣ Both distribute and promote your best performing content
– Distribution: target-specific, community-specific, demographic-specific, email, subscription, call, text, etc
– Promotion: public, mass media, directs to main platforms
✔️ Promote regularly to make your popular content easier to find and lead traffic to your business

4️⃣ Lead clients through the buyer journey with specialized content
✔️ To start, bring awareness and inspiration with blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, etc.
✔️ Once people know who you are and your brand, recognize their needs and provide information about how you can help them with white papers, webinars, interactive content, etc.
✔️ Once they know about your products or services, reinforce their positive decision to pick you and onboard your new clients through one-on-one meetings, in-person events, and social events.

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Want to live a long and happier life? Here are 5 tips.

Hack your age with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Eat less often
✔️ Areas of people with the longest lifespan often fast as part of their culture
✔️ Intermittent fasting/calorie restriction (with adequate nutrition) not only helps you live longer but also improves your health markers

2️⃣ Exercise
✔️ Exercise benefits your body and muscle health in many ways, including renewing your cellular powerhouse – the mitochondria

3️⃣ Live like you’re young
✔️ To a certain degree, how old you feel has an impact on your health, memory, physical strength, and longevity
✔️ Those with a strong purpose in life have shown to perform better later in life
✔️ If you spend more time with younger people, that will also help you live more like you’re young

4️⃣ Be social
✔️ People who are more social with their family, friends, and community are happier, healthier, and live longer
✔️ Improve, minimize, or remove bad relationships – they have more of a negative impact on your health than good relationships have a positive impact

5️⃣ Have a positive outlook
✔️ Some key lessons from a centenarian study to living longer: find happiness and fulfillment in the present, worry a little less, and be more optimistic

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online pay

Are you struggling to get your clients to pay you on time? Here are 6 tips.

Set up an efficient and client-friendly billing system with these tips.

1️⃣ Use an online payment system
✔️ Simplify your client payment process with electronic payment options

2️⃣ Have an email ready that reminds people to pay
✔️ Save time when you need to inform a client of outstanding payments

3️⃣ Have an alternative payment plan
✔️ May help you get paid in a way that accommodates your client’s situation
✔️ Can maintain a positive relationship by putting client’s needs first

4️⃣ Understand rules of debt collection in your area
✔️ Protect your business and be clear on how to move forward

5️⃣ Require pre-payment for some or all of your services/products
✔️ Consider incentivizing pre-payment with a discount

6️⃣ Do’s and don’ts for payment collection
❌ Don’t use aggressive or threatening language
✔️ Be professional and clear
address the problem, amount due, context, action required, deadline, and next steps
✔️ Be as specific as possible
✔️ Keep records

Don’t let collecting outstanding payments be awkward. Get paid for your valuable time and work in a professional and relationship-building way.

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Are you using text messaging to optimize communication with your clients? Here are 4 tips.

Boost engagement and client satisfaction through texting with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Use text messages to create a client-centered experience
✔️ 85% of smartphone users prefer text messages to email and phone calls

2️⃣ Be clear about expectations of how texting will be used
✔️ Consider adding a texting section to your business agreement to keep your client on the same page

3️⃣ Maintain client communication confidentiality, security, and documentation
✔️ Consider using a business texting service – automate certain notifications, keep communication secure, track communication history, and use your office number to keep your personal number private
✔️ Disable message previews
✔️ Consider using a work-only phone
✔️ Consider an encrypted messaging service

4️⃣ Be careful of sending marketing texts or automated texts
✔️ Generally, you need the correct prior written approval from your clients to send marketing texts or automated texts. Fines can be as high as $1,500 per unlawful text message!

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Looking to increase your clients? Here are 6 tips.

Nail referral marketing with these simple tips.

1️⃣ Provide excellent client experience
✔️ People want to share good experiences and often want to reward those providers
✔️ Make sure to meet basic customer expectations and make your business process convenient, painless, and client-focused

2️⃣ Make it easy to refer clients to you
✔️ Make it as easy as possible – have a form on your website or a process at the end of service to make referrals painless and easy

3️⃣ Be proactive
✔️ Be more visible in your community – if people know what you do, they can refer you
✔️ Ask for referrals

4️⃣ Build client confidence
✔️ Share positive testimonials
✔️ Share when people are referring you
✔️ Maintain your professional profile on social platforms like LinkedIn

5️⃣ Thank your referrers
✔️ Write an email or even better, a handwritten note – goes a long way to encourage others to keep coming back and referring more people to you

6️⃣ Track your referrals
✔️ Streamline your process to cultivate sustainable growth – track what works and what doesn’t or automate the process with lead-tracking tech

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Are you feeling on the verge of burnout? Here are some helpful tips.

Learn how to manage chronic work-related stress and keep burnout at bay with these simple steps.

1️⃣ Take a step back and pay attention to how you’re feeling
✔️ Are you feeling exhausted? Mentally pulling away from your job? Developing work-related cynicism? Feeling stuck? Always stressed? You may be burning out.

2️⃣ Assess your situation
✔️Working excessive hours? Is your professional culture contributing to chronic stress? How is your support system? Take a look at what needs to change to curtail burnout and reduce stress.

3️⃣ Act quickly
✔️Look for ways to avoid burnout by building in work-life balance.
– Sleep!
– Take a break
– Prioritize the care of your mind and body
– Do things that make you happy and engaged in the present
– Understand your limits and set boundaries
– Automate when you can to streamline workflow for better work-life balance
– Honor your values
– Reconnect with your why
– Ask for help

If you feel like you might be burned out, you are not alone. Just know it doesn’t have to last. It is possible to thrive in work and life.

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Feeling exhausted? Regain some energy with these 3 tips!

1️⃣ Give yourself time to rest and recover
Days off are meant for recovery, but if your weekends are filled with taking care of your kids, elderly, or someone sick, you may be starting your week more drained than you anticipate. Carve out time over the weekend to give yourself some needed R&R, so you’ll be more energized the rest of the week.

2️⃣ Do what makes you happy
Need a mood booster? Add an activity you enjoy doing. Whether it’s making sure you get alone time as an introvert or meeting up with a friend as an extrovert, you’ll find an extra boost of energy after resting with purpose.

3️⃣ Sleep and exercise
Both are important, but if you are pressed for time and can only choose one, here’s a quick guide to help you decide.
Check your tendencies (you’ll often choose it without much thought) and ask yourself some quick questions:
1. Will training help you sleep better tonight?
2. Will skipping this workout make you feel more rested and stronger?
3. Any injuries, aches, pain, fatigue, or feeling run down?
The more you pay attention to your body, the more you’ll know what your body really needs to feel better.

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Looking to improve your meetings? Here are 5 tips.

1️⃣ Have a clear agenda
Ask yourself these two questions:
1. What questions do you need to have answered?
2. What is your ideal outcome?
Write your answers down, bring them to your meeting, and make sure you get these addressed before your meeting ends.

2️⃣ Set an end time and keep it
Be clear about how much time you have when scheduling. It’ll help everyone prepare and make the most of your meeting.

3️⃣ Start your meeting with your purpose and meeting length
Don’t expect everyone to remember. Clarity will help everyone reorient and get in the right headspace.

4️⃣ End your meeting with clear directions
Save the last 5-10 minutes to confirm everyone’s next actions and time frames to make sure everyone is clear about how the project will move forward. Set an alarm if needed to keep the meeting on schedule.

5️⃣ Give yourself cushion between meetings
If you can, give yourself at least 15 minutes between meetings, so you won’t be stressed if a meeting runs over and worried about keeping your next meeting waiting. Give yourself time to reset and prepare for success.

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