Want to improve your LinkedIn presence? 3 Tips!

Boost LinkedIn visibility and article views with these 3 tips

1️⃣ The LinkedIn algorithm demotes posts with embedded links or photos. So what can you do? Summarize the content you were going to link to instead of adding the link and try not including a photo unless it adds a lot of value.

2️⃣ Use relevant and trending hashtags. Google “Top LinkedIn Hashtags” for lists of the best ones! Try using 2-4 highly ranked hashtags for better results.

3️⃣ Post your links in the comments section and mention in your post that the links are in the comments so your audience knows where to find it!

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Want to Improve your Zoom Presentations? Here are 3 helpful tips.

Speak and present online more confidently with these 3 tips.

1️⃣ Look more professional by keeping your camera at eye level. 👀

Avoid having your viewers look up at your chin and nose or down at your forehead by propping your computer up with books or a shoebox.

2️⃣ Don’t fear, get excited!

90% of nervousness symptoms, like sweating, shaking, and heart racing, aren’t visible on the outside, so you can rest easy and stay focused on your task!

3️⃣ Have a shaky voice?

Pause and speak louder to help your voice muscles relax.

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Want to Feel More Comfortable Speaking and Presenting on Zoom? Here are 3 useful tips.

Lead with confidence with these 3 tips.

1️⃣ Think of your virtual background like clothing!

Is your meeting casual (fun background) or professional (simple background)? Match the setting, and don’t forget to pick clothing colors that contrast your background!

2️⃣ When distractions are rampant, keep your energy up and refocus! ⚡️

Don’t be discouraged if people aren’t paying attention! Pro tip: Look at the camera instead of your viewers to refocus on the task at hand.

3️⃣ Smile! 😁

Want to be more accessible? A symbol of warmth and friendship, smiling is a great way to reach more people. Just remember to not overdo it or use it as a mask!!

Are you spending too much time in Meetings?

One study shows that 15%+ of a person’s job satisfaction is based on how satisfied they are with their work meetings!

5 tips to improve your work productivity and happiness

(1)  Look at your calendar with the intent to delete all of your meetings. Ask yourself why you need to keep any of them. Only keep the meetings that would be the best and highest use of your time. Cancel or decline the others and see if you’re more productive.

(2) Try shortening your meetings by 15 minutes each week until you get the best length.

(3) Have a clear purpose and agenda for all meetings or ask for these before you accept a meeting. If the meeting is not the best use of your time then consider declining the meeting.

(4)  Do you have daily/weekly/monthly recurring meetings? Try cancelling them and only scheduling those meetings when they are most valuable. Try sharing info via Microsoft Teams, productivity apps like Monday.com, or a shared google doc instead.

(5) Be ok with not being at meetings. Feel confident in your decision to be productive in other ways.

Want more tips? Read “Joy At Work” by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein.

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