FTC highlights the importance of securing your customer’s data in accordance with your Privacy Policy

The operators of the MoviePass subscription service recently agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission allegations that they failed to take reasonable steps to secure subscribers’ personal data.

MoviePass collected names, email addresses, birth dates, credit card numbers, and geolocation information. MoviePass then stored personal data including financial information and email addresses in plain text and failed to impose restrictions on who could access it despite having a Privacy Policy stating they should use reasonable measures to protect personal information including encrypting customer emails and payment information. For more details (and more wrongdoings) go here.

Your Privacy Policy is important! Make sure your practices align with your Privacy Policy!

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When do you need a Privacy Law professional?

Q: When do you need a Privacy Law professional?

A: When you are collecting and receiving data about people–like their names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, payment information, demographics, or more. If you collect one or more pieces of data like that, you probably need a privacy policy, disclosures, and consent!

Over the last 12 months, European data protection authorities imposed fines totaling USD$192 million. Lawsuits and fines for misusing personal data can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for medium to large businesses.

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