Want others to promote your brand but don’t want to HURT your intellectual property rights?

Here are some pointers when allowing people outside your company to use your logo to promote you:

1️⃣ Get a trademark license agreement in place to avoid eroding your legal rights in your logo.

2️⃣ Draft the license as narrowly as possible. For example, limit use to just their website or certain pre-approved marketing materials.

3️⃣ Make sure they have to get it pre-approved by you before they can use your logo anywhere. This should be in your license agreement.

4️⃣ Keep the ability to end the license at any time for any reason. This right should also be in your license agreement.

✔️Other considerations:

▶️ You invested in your intellectual property, brand, and reputation. While you want to get your name out there, it’s important to maintain control over when and how your logo is used.

▶️ Allowing others to use your logo without written permission can hurt your ability to stop people who are misusing your logo down the road.

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Are you following laws like the “30-day Rule” when selling physical products online?

⤵️ WHAT is the “30-day Rule”?

Federal laws require that when you advertise and sell physical items, you must:

→ Have a reasonable basis for stating or implying that you can ship within a certain time.


→ If you make no shipment statement, you must have a reasonable basis for believing that you can ship within 30 days.

⤵️ WHEN does the 30-day rule apply?

It doesn’t matter how you market the items, how the customer pays, or who reached out first. The 30-day Rule still applies. This is even if the customer orders by mail, phone, or internet.

⤵️ WHAT HAPPENS if you can’t ship in time?

If you accept a customer’s order and then realize you can’t ship the product to them within the time you said or within 30 days, the law requires that you get your customer’s permission for the delay.

If you’re unable to get the customer’s permission (whether phone, email, or otherwise) the law requires that you immediately refund all the money your customer paid for the unshipped items.

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Want to be more successful with content marketing? Here are 3 tips.

Be more client-centric to boost your brand with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Know your target audience to create compelling content
✔️ Define your audience, do persona research, and map out your client’s journey
✔️ Research your target audience’s most searched terms and content
✔️ Collect and analyze your audience/clients’ questions
✔️ Build content around their needs, wants, and challenges

2️⃣ Stand out from your competitors
✔️ See what content already exists
✔️ Find what other providers don’t offer or execute well
✔️ Create a strong base of content that is short, easy to understand, and in simple formats
✔️ Have range and depth of content in your area of expertise in one location, like your website, for added convenience

3️⃣ Be up to date on news and trends
✔️ Anchor content to emerging trends or news to win the attention of your audience
✔️ Prepare ahead by keeping track of upcoming events expected in your industry that’ll affect your company, your clients, and your competitors

Don’t forget to be flexible, so you can adapt your content to your audience’s needs, news, trends, and cultural shifts.

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Looking to increase your clients? Here are 6 tips.

Nail referral marketing with these simple tips.

1️⃣ Provide excellent client experience
✔️ People want to share good experiences and often want to reward those providers
✔️ Make sure to meet basic customer expectations and make your business process convenient, painless, and client-focused

2️⃣ Make it easy to refer clients to you
✔️ Make it as easy as possible – have a form on your website or a process at the end of service to make referrals painless and easy

3️⃣ Be proactive
✔️ Be more visible in your community – if people know what you do, they can refer you
✔️ Ask for referrals

4️⃣ Build client confidence
✔️ Share positive testimonials
✔️ Share when people are referring you
✔️ Maintain your professional profile on social platforms like LinkedIn

5️⃣ Thank your referrers
✔️ Write an email or even better, a handwritten note – goes a long way to encourage others to keep coming back and referring more people to you

6️⃣ Track your referrals
✔️ Streamline your process to cultivate sustainable growth – track what works and what doesn’t or automate the process with lead-tracking tech

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Building a New Brand? Make Sure to Follow These 2 Steps First.

Strengthen and protect your brand with these 2 steps.

1️⃣ Do a Trademark Clearance Search
Clearing a mark is vital to building a brand. Here are 3 reasons why.
✅ Reduces risk of objection to registration or use of a new mark by competitor or third party
✅ Gives insight into the potential competition by identifying identical or similar marks
✅ Prevents potential future trademark infringement

While it is tempting to save some money and skip this step, not properly clearing a mark (brand name) can have devastating consequences. Protect your brand equity

2️⃣ Check the Availability of Suitable Domain Names
✅ Secure a domain name early in the process to limit the likelihood of a third party registering the same domain name
Saves you from the costs of buying a domain name from a third party or the costs of legal action to enforce rights against cybersquatters
✅ Check domain names featuring potential marks to see if they redirect to a website
If the redirected website is controversial, consider selecting a new mark or proactively obtaining that domain name

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Improve Your Marketing with a Marketing Strategy Mission Statement!

Q: What’s an example of a marketing strategy mission statement?

A: Here is mine –> “Your Ad Attorney, LLC and Alina Lee strive to provide the best industry tips, marketing law insights, and inspiration for marketing professionals and in-house attorneys to help them achieve successful marketing while reducing their legal risk.”


Q: Why should we create a MARKETING-specific strategy statement like this?

A: It’s like having a compass for your marketing! Don’t wander around the woods hoping to bump into your target audience. Have a clear direction for finding them, attracting them, and keeping them engaged!

The purpose of having a clearly defined content marketing strategy mission statement is to help you better focus on sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your desired audience to drive profitable customer action–every single time.


Q: Do you have a content marketing strategy statement?

A: Let me know if you’d like referrals to amazing marketing professionals! 

Are YOU using Strong Headlines?

About 60% – 80% of the time, people ONLY read your headlines!

Are you grabbing their attention or losing them?

This HEADLINE ANALYZER tool created by the Advanced Marketing Institute can help! –> https://aminstitute.com/headline

This FREE tool analyzes your headline and shows you if it will connect with your audience in a deep and emotional way. Strong emotions help people to remember you and your message!

–> Has a lawyer reviewed your Headlines and ADs?

Aggressive Headlines can also lead to legal risk!



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