Do you find it challenging to make quality decisions when overwhelmed with stress or intense emotions?

Start building emotional efficacy with this simple 4 step system.
💡 R.E.S.T.
1️⃣ Relax
❌ Do not act impulsively
✔️ Stop what you are doing 
✔️ Tune into your body and take a few deep breaths 
✔️ Relax the body to relax the mind
2️⃣ Evaluate
✔️ Focus on the facts of your current situation
✔️ What is happening? Is there an immediate threat or danger? How do I feel? 
✔️ Do a quick evaluation to gain a general sense of how you are doing physically and emotionally
3️⃣ Set an Intention
✔️ What do I need right now? 
✔️ You don’t have to solve the issue at this point, rather think of a plan or activity to self-soothe and recenter
4️⃣ Take an Action
✔️ Put your plan into action
✔️ Be deliberate, move slowly, and stay aware of your intention
R.E.S.T. will help you experience your emotions fully without having them overwhelm you and can help you make better choices without escalating the situation. With practice, these steps can be done in a few seconds and become a healthy habit for dealing with stressful times. 
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Do your emotions get the best of you? Here are 2 more tips. (Part 2)

Increase your ability to handle stress and strong emotions with these quick tips.
3️⃣ Live in the present
✔️ Your mind has an incredible ability to mentally travel through time and reflect on the past and project into the future. Sometimes negative thoughts, like regret about the past or anxiety about the future, can cause incredible stress even when things around you are fine
✔️ Help yourself deal with what’s directly in front of you with these steps

  1. Ask yourself, “where am I right now?”
  2. If there is no immediate danger, realize you don’t have to feel stressed
  3. Take a step back from your thoughts and recognize you are “time-traveling”
  4. Take a few deep breaths and bring your focus to the present
  5. Label your feelings and do some PMR (see previous post – Part 1)

*Meditation can help too!
4️⃣ Healthy distraction
✔️ When stress and emotions are too strong to handle with other methods, distraction can be a helpful temporary measure
✔️ Distinguish between healthy distraction and unhealthy avoidance. Recognize that avoidance isn’t buying you time; it’s staying away from whatever has stressed you out
✔️ Do something useful or pleasurable until your emotions move out of the red zone, and return to the issue when you’ve calmed down
✔️ Make a note of what kind of healthy distractions work for you, so you have a go-to plan when calming down and clearing the mind seems too difficult
Learning to navigate the space between emotional triggers and your response can empower you to create a life that is more fulfilling and consistent with your values. Keep an open mind, and find what works best for you!
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Do your emotions get the best of you? Here are 2 tips. (Part 1)

Increase your ability to handle stress and strong emotions with these quick tips.

1️⃣ Radical acceptance
✔️ Give yourself the right perspective
✔️ When something bad happens, you don’t have to like or condone the situation, but resisting reality only increases suffering and ultimately prevents you from doing the things that make your life better
✔️ Learn to accept the situation with compassion and without criticism, including any part you had in creating the situation
✔️ Memorize and use these 3 sentences to help you get on track when emotions run high

  • “I can’t change what’s already happened.”
  • “Fighting the past only blinds me to my present.”
  • “The present is the only moment I have control over.”

2️⃣ Cue-controlled relaxation
✔️ Make coping with stress a reflex reaction by utilizing your body and mind’s feedback loop. When your brain is too overwhelmed, you can change the body to change what your brain is doing
✔️ Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is the act of tightening muscles followed by relaxing them to decrease stress. Consistent practice of this method will also teach you to notice when you are tight

  1. To start, breathe in and clench your fist for 5 seconds, then QUICKLY release/relax your hand as you exhale
  2. Spend 15 seconds to notice the difference between both states of contraction and relaxation
  • Do this for all major muscle groups 

✔️ Add a Pavlov effect by picking a magic word to say during part 2, so when negative feelings start to build up, you can use the magic word to trigger a change to your body’s state and increase resilience

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Are You A Procrastinator? Here Are 3 Ways You Can Use It To Your Advantage.

If you are feeling stressed after procrastinating, don’t fret. Use the shortened timeline to leverage the positives.

📝 3 Benefits to Procrastination

1️⃣ Increased Creativity ➡️ Innovative Solutions
Let your creative juices help you think of better solutions for your task.

2️⃣ Increased Efficiency ➡️ Better Time Management
Center your focus to increase productivity and have more time to do what’s important.

3️⃣ Increased Prioritization ➡️ Greater Clarity on Your Values
Learn from how you prioritize to further grow and gain insight into your values.

But what about the negatives? Here are 3 bonus tips to help you avoid the pitfalls.

✅ Be realistic about your abilities and give yourself enough time to finish your task.
✅ Watch your stress levels to avoid poor performance.
✅ Do a cost-benefit analysis to stay ahead in the long run!

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Figuring out what type of content to post?

Here are 8 post ideas and practical tips to get you going.

1️⃣ Share a personal story with professional themes.
Connect with your audience by sharing a lesson learned or values that are important to you.

2️⃣ Share quick tips.
Share tips useful to your intended audience and align them with your expertise or passion.

3️⃣ Answer a common question asked by your clients or audience.
If you don’t work directly with clients, ask your customer service or sales team what questions are asked the most.

4️⃣ Share an opinion piece.
Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion based on your values, beliefs, and expertise. Being vulnerable can help to build trust.

5️⃣ Share something that inspires you.
Who inspires you? Where do you gather inspiration?

6️⃣ Share your process.
Show your personality and create an informative or comedic post about your work.

7️⃣ Share what you learned from the last book you read.
Ask your audience if they have read the same book and what they learned.

8️⃣ Quiz your audience.
Help your audience interact and learn from you.

Whether this is a refresher or something new, I hope these ideas get your creative content ideas flowing!

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Want to improve your focus and energy levels? Here are 4 simple tips.

Optimize your body’s health and recovery with these quick tips. 🙌🏼
1️⃣ Finish eating 3 hours before bed. 
If you can handle more, try eating within an 8-11 hour window for more health benefits.
2️⃣ Sleep for 7 hours. 😴
Those who sleep for 7 hours have a longer lifespan than those who sleep less or more. 
3️⃣ Exercise at least 1.5 hours a week.
While morning exercise will improve your energy level and mood, your optimal workout window is from 3pm to dinner time. 
4️⃣ Consistency 🗓
Having a regular routine is key to long term health. Keep changes to your schedule within 2 hours of your routine if possible to keep your internal clock on point.
💡 Bonus tip: Did you know eating and exercise alters your circadian rhythm by increasing your body temperature? 
If you decide to eat or exercise close to your bedtime, take a shower to help your body cool down to signal your body it’s time to sleep. 🛀🏼
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Want to be more memorable when presenting? Here are 5 tips.

Make your story stick with these helpful tips.
1️⃣ Make your message POV the audience and what’s in it for them
✔️Map your message – create a journey that appeals and adds value to your target audience
✔️Open and close with your key message
✔️Share details once you’ve captured their attention
2️⃣ Be Concrete
✔️Paint a vivid picture using real examples
✔️Keep language simple to make your message more accessible
3️⃣ Be Specific
✔️Clearly define your message to make it easier to be remembered and understood
4️⃣ Speak your audience’s language
✔️Connect with your audience using clear language they understand
5️⃣ Have a performer mindset
✔️Your audience wants to see you at your best, so deliver that in an authentic way
✔️Figure out your optimal energy state for high performance (pump-up music? meditation?)
✔️Set a goal for what you want to get out of the interaction before you go in
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Here are 5 tips to attract more business.

Grow your business with niche marketing using these helpful tips.
1️⃣ Find what you can offer, what pain you can solve
Go deeper. Become an expert in your area.
2️⃣ Find out where you can stand out
If your area of expertise is saturated in your region, consider events elsewhere to expand your network.
3️⃣ Build trust and true relationships by being honest, ethical, and caring
Find your ideal client and stick with it. Sometimes that means passing on business that doesn’t fit to maximize performance and satisfaction.
4️⃣ Make small tests in the market
See what works and doesn’t work before you invest more resources.
5️⃣ Keep in touch
Do everything you can to keep in touch with the connections you make. Consider email blasts, connecting on social media platforms, and reaching out when you’re in the same area.
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Do you provide a warranty for a consumer product or a combination sale of a product and service? Here are 3 essential rules to keep in mind.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the Act) sets specific requirements for the warrantor of consumer products and combination sales of a product and service when providing a written warranty. Here are the basics you need to know.
1️⃣ Disclosure Rule
✔️ All consumer product warranties must be titled “full” or “limited”
✔️ Limited warranties must be made available in a single, clear, easy-to-read document

2️⃣ Pre-sale Availability Rule
✔️ The warrantor and seller must ensure that warranties are available wherever consumer products are sold, with the exception of products that retail for $15.00 or less
3️⃣ Dispute Resolution Rule
✔️ Makes it easier for consumers to take a company to court
✔️ Creates a framework for companies to set up procedures for resolving disputes informally and with minimal expense

📚 The Act also prohibits specific types of conduct
❌ You are not allowed to disclaim or modify implied warranties, such as the warranty of merchantability, during the term of your express warranty or condition warranty service on registration or return of warranty card
❌ You are not allowed to include a tie-in sales provision in your warranty, which ties your warranty coverage to the use of the warrantor’s parts or service providers 
📚 State specific warranty laws
✔️ Some states have warranty laws applicable to specific types of products, such as cars or recreational vehicles, and are intended to provide additional protections to the buyer
✔️ Some states have laws specifically applicable to extended warranties or service contracts and are more of a form of insurance
✔️ Check your state for more information! California’s Song-Beverly Act is the strictest state warranty law in America with numerous requirements

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Are you selling a product to American consumers? Does it comply with product safety laws and standards? Here are 5 tips.

Be in the know and make sure your product is safe and compliant with these helpful tips.
1️⃣ If you make consumer products, register your company on
✔️Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports consumer incidents on this public database website, so when you register, your company can receive reports or notices when an incident has been reported, including who filed the complaint. 
✔️This is important because the CPCS has the authority to ban products deemed dangerous, pursue recalls, and impose significant civil monetary penalties on companies that fail to report violations, such as product defects and safety incidents, in a timely manner. 
2️⃣ What are the typical violations reported?
✔️Section 15(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) requires mandatory reporting on any product within its jurisdiction that 
・fails to comply with product safety standards, rules, regulations, or ban
・substantial risk of injury to consumers
・creates unreasonable risk of serious injury or death
3️⃣ Anyone in the distribution chain, such as the manufacturer, importer, distributor, or retailer, has a legal obligation to report any violations
✔️While manufacturers have more information and a higher duty to report violations, retailers also have an obligation to report any information that indicates a problem with a product they have sold. 
✔️The CPSA states that you must report “immediately” (within 24 hours) upon receiving information that reasonably supports the conclusion of a failure to comply with product safety standards. 
✔️The affected party has reasonable time (generally 7-10 days) to investigate the claim and determine if the information is valid and should be reported. Failure to report in a timely manner can result in significant civil monetary penalties and increased compliance requirements.
4️⃣ How do you fulfill your duty to report a violation as a retailer or distributor?
✔️There are two ways. 1) File a section 15(b) report. 2) Write a letter to the manufacturer or importer, saying you have received these reports of product incidents or defects that need to be addressed. Send a copy of the letter to the CSPA.
5️⃣ Don’t know if a product you’re manufacturing or importing complies with product safety law and standards?
✔️CPSC’s Regulatory Robot (a series of questions) will guide you through important product safety requirements that can be reviewed prior to production or import to ensure your product is safe and compliant for American consumers.

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