Figuring out what type of content to post?

November 17, 2021
Written by Alina Lee

Here are 8 post ideas and practical tips to get you going.

1️⃣ Share a personal story with professional themes.
Connect with your audience by sharing a lesson learned or values that are important to you.

2️⃣ Share quick tips.
Share tips useful to your intended audience and align them with your expertise or passion.

3️⃣ Answer a common question asked by your clients or audience.
If you don’t work directly with clients, ask your customer service or sales team what questions are asked the most.

4️⃣ Share an opinion piece.
Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion based on your values, beliefs, and expertise. Being vulnerable can help to build trust.

5️⃣ Share something that inspires you.
Who inspires you? Where do you gather inspiration?

6️⃣ Share your process.
Show your personality and create an informative or comedic post about your work.

7️⃣ Share what you learned from the last book you read.
Ask your audience if they have read the same book and what they learned.

8️⃣ Quiz your audience.
Help your audience interact and learn from you.

Whether this is a refresher or something new, I hope these ideas get your creative content ideas flowing!

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