Get better long-term results with 85% effort

Despite some company’s best efforts, a wellness app cannot change the current burnout culture. Instead, it requires managers and organizations to change their mindset and work culture.

❌ The old harmful management mindset
🔸 “Maximum effort = Maximum results”
🔸 “No pain, No gain” and “Give it 110%”
🔸 Take a look at McKinsey’s burnout study, which found that “toxic workplace behavior was the biggest predictor of burnout symptoms and intent to leave by a large margin.”
🔸 Having these harmful midsets not only hinders great performance, but it also breeds toxic behavior, which leads to burnout, which feeds toxicity, and so on.

✅ The new better management mindset
🔹The 85% rule – to reach maximum output, you need to refrain from giving maximum effort. Giving 85% effort rather than 100% effort allows you to sustain your performance for longer and keeps your mind fresher and sharper.
🔹The idea of “No pain, no gain” is illogical – Carl Lewis, a 9-time Olympic gold medalist, would explain, “In many cases, it is more important to rest than it is to drive yourself to the point of pain.”

In order to truly get the best out of our workforce, we need a new mindset backed by data. A better formula would be “optimal effort = maximum results” as opposed to “maximum effort = maximum results,” as less effort can actually result in greater achievement.

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Alina Lee

Alina Lee, Founder of Your Ad Attorney law firm


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