Are you thinking of moving from Corporate America to establishing your own business? Read this Q+A to get started

1️⃣ How are you wired? Do you like getting the work done? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?
Understanding what work you enjoy will help you determine what work you’ll want to keep or delegate

2️⃣ How do you grow a solid team?
While there are many leadership styles, here are some basic points to building a great team
✅ Be available to your team early on
✅ Keep everyone on the same page by explaining the big picture with the results you want
✅ Invest in your team’s professional development
✅ Learn to delegate
✅ Be flexible and patient

3️⃣ Not sure if you can afford to hire an associate or assistant?
While you may be doing most of the work at the start, you won’t be able to scale as easily if you do all the work. When you start running out of bandwidth, look into getting support.

4️⃣ Don’t know how to run a business?
You don’t have to have a business degree to have a successful business. Consider hiring a business advisor to help you. There are no secrets! Continue to work on yourself, be patient, and do what’s necessary to make your team better.

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Alina Lee

Alina Lee, Founder of Your Ad Attorney law firm


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