Not sure about the Licensing and Terms of Use of AI Image Generators?

🤖 Checking the terms of use (or service) and licensing agreement of an AI-generated image from a third-party source or platform is essential to see if there are any limits on using it on websites or commercial applications. Below are details of some well-known AI image generators and your rights in the content they produce.

🔸DALL-E (Open AI)
Cost: Free (15 Credits); Purchase an additional 115 credits for $15. Each credit allows you to create one “generation” using the system.
Terms of use: “As between you and OpenAI, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, you (a) retain your ownership rights in Input and (b) own the Output. We hereby assign to you all our right, title, and interest, if any, in and to Output.”

Cost: Free (Basic plan) to $24.75 per month (Pro plan, billed annually).
Terms of use: “Visme will not claim any copyright ownership over your
input data or the resulting material you generate.”

Cost: $8 per month (Basic plan, billed annually) to $96.99 per month (Mega plan, billed annually).
Terms of use: “ You own all Assets You create with the Services to the fullest extent possible under applicable law.”

🔹Bing Image Creator
Cost: Free
Terms of use: “Microsoft does not claim ownership of Prompts, Creations, or any other content you provide, post, input, or submit to, or receive from, Image Creator (including feedback and suggestions).”

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