Noticing an uptick in suspicious communications targeting you or your business?

Here are some ways to stay vigilant and protect yourself from fraud and scams.

Be aware of these red flags in communications from potential fraudsters:
🚩Texts/Phone Calls
▪️”spoof” calls or texts appearing to be from a known company but directing you to respond to an unknown number
▪️language that is alarmist or too complimentary
▪️aggressive requests to respond
▪️notices that you will lose money if you fail to act

▪️invitations to click on links to “spoof” websites that appear legitimate but use fake URLs to resemble those of well-known companies and trick you into providing confidential information
▪️altered or additional login details or transaction pages

▪️scam emails posing as official correspondence from a company that persuade you to click on a link to address an urgent issue regarding your account
▪️the email address does not  match the actual email of a legitimate sender you have been communicating with
▪️badly written requests with poor grammar or spelling
▪️different payment details provided than previously shared

▪️impending charge notices
▪️urgent requests
▪️requests to pay for services through a specific method such as a gift card or through a digital service
▪️unexpected requests to renew your services

What can you do?
✅Be vigilant. Regularly reviewing your invoices, account statements and transactions will help you spot and report fraud. Any illegal transactions should be immediately reported to your bank and companies that are being imitated by fraudsters.

✅Verify. If you receive an unexpected call from a stranger claiming to be from a bank or asking for payment, hang up and call your banker or the corporate office of the company that is potentially being imitated.

✅Be cautious about sharing personal information. Never share your personal passwords with anyone over text, phone call, email or otherwise. If you receive a call unexpectedly from someone asking you to divulge personal information, make sure that the phone number is legitimate before sharing.

✅Cybersecurity. Only install and download software from reputable sources.

✅Passwords. Change your password regularly.

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Alina Lee

Alina Lee, Founder of Your Ad Attorney law firm


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