Building a New Brand? Make Sure to Follow These 2 Steps First.

Strengthen and protect your brand with these 2 steps.

1️⃣ Do a Trademark Clearance Search
Clearing a mark is vital to building a brand. Here are 3 reasons why.
✅ Reduces risk of objection to registration or use of a new mark by competitor or third party
✅ Gives insight into the potential competition by identifying identical or similar marks
✅ Prevents potential future trademark infringement

While it is tempting to save some money and skip this step, not properly clearing a mark (brand name) can have devastating consequences. Protect your brand equity

2️⃣ Check the Availability of Suitable Domain Names
✅ Secure a domain name early in the process to limit the likelihood of a third party registering the same domain name
Saves you from the costs of buying a domain name from a third party or the costs of legal action to enforce rights against cybersquatters
✅ Check domain names featuring potential marks to see if they redirect to a website
If the redirected website is controversial, consider selecting a new mark or proactively obtaining that domain name

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