Are you feeling stuck or a little down? Here are 5 tips.

October 22, 2021
Written by Alina Lee

Be happier and more productive with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Check your beliefs
✔️ Emotions aren’t random, they follow your beliefs
✔️ Next time you have negative feelings, rather than focusing on the event, check your beliefs about that event – are they rational? Revise your beliefs ➡️ change your feelings

2️⃣ Accept the present
❌ Denial and complaining – drains you of energy and prevents you from moving towards a solution
✔️ Acknowledge your feelings – let them pass (don’t dwell), refocus on your heart with compassion, and reset
✔️ Accepting your situation doesn’t mean you are complacent or passive. Acceptance is essential to figure out what you can and want to do next

3️⃣ Focus your energy on what’s in your control
❌ Stop worrying about what you can’t do
✔️ Exclusively focus on what you can do to be happier and more productive with your time and energy

4️⃣ Count your blessings
✔️ Write down 3 things that went well for the day and the reasons why – it may feel awkward at first, but keep at it! It’ll definitely boost your mood
✔️ People who keep gratitude journals are 25% happier, sleep 30min more each day, and exercise 33% more than those who don’t
✔️ Write a thank you to someone who has done something good for you – increases positive social connection ➡️ increases happiness

5️⃣ Have a morning and evening ritual
✔️Feel happier with a routine each morning and night
✔️Evening ritual – have a winddown routine that involves some social interaction, gratitude, and scheduling something you can look forward to the next day
✔️Morning ritual – start your day in a good mood and with less stress by doing something that makes you happy and gives you a feeling of control

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