Are you burning the midnight oil? Here are 5 tips.

October 27, 2021
Written by Alina Lee

Manage your productivity levels through a heavy workload with these helpful tips. 
1️⃣ Schedule your time
Plan out how you will spend your time, including your breaks. Be as detailed with your breaks as you are with your work to maximize your productivity.
2️⃣ Focus for 50 minutes. Then take a break 
50 minutes is about the time you can focus deeply before a break is needed. You can use one of your breaks in the day to check emails or social media, but time away from your screen or desk is necessary to clear your mind.
3️⃣ Put your cell phone away during work
Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but put your phone away when you can. Anytime you can focus deeply and work uninterrupted will increase your productivity. 
4️⃣ Add variety to your breaks
Restore your attention by creating targeted breaks, like walking in nature. Any movement is great, and adding small things you enjoy, like good music or a nice snack, can also motivate you through the challenges of a high workload.
5️⃣ Commit to a time to end your workday
Giving yourself a hard stop to your workday gives you the time to spend with family and friends and other restorative activities. While such breaks may seem luxurious, they allow your brain to make connections and solve problems more efficiently and are critical for those who work in stressful and demanding environments.

Sometimes working late is unavoidable, but just don’t take it so lightly. Make a conscious choice about what makes you whole at work and in life.

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