Are you feeling on the verge of burnout? Here are some helpful tips.

October 07, 2021
Written by Alina Lee

Learn how to manage chronic work-related stress and keep burnout at bay with these simple steps.

1️⃣ Take a step back and pay attention to how you’re feeling
✔️ Are you feeling exhausted? Mentally pulling away from your job? Developing work-related cynicism? Feeling stuck? Always stressed? You may be burning out.

2️⃣ Assess your situation
✔️Working excessive hours? Is your professional culture contributing to chronic stress? How is your support system? Take a look at what needs to change to curtail burnout and reduce stress.

3️⃣ Act quickly
✔️Look for ways to avoid burnout by building in work-life balance.
– Sleep!
– Take a break
– Prioritize the care of your mind and body
– Do things that make you happy and engaged in the present
– Understand your limits and set boundaries
– Automate when you can to streamline workflow for better work-life balance
– Honor your values
– Reconnect with your why
– Ask for help

If you feel like you might be burned out, you are not alone. Just know it doesn’t have to last. It is possible to thrive in work and life.

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