Are you looking to promote your business on a small budget? Here are 4 tips.

Get the most out of your investment with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Research buyer information habits and build a unique content base
✔️ Fill an information void in your industry
✔️ Deliver unique content base consistently to build your brand and reputation

2️⃣ Prioritize your content budget
1. Owned Content – website, blog, email, print
2. Earned Content – news, speaking engagements, influencers, events
3. Paid Content – social media ads, google ads, digital ads, event sponsorships, etc
✔️ Use earned and paid content to point back to your owned media content and include a clear call to action to people can book an appointment with you or directly purchase your product or services

3️⃣ Both distribute and promote your best performing content
– Distribution: target-specific, community-specific, demographic-specific, email, subscription, call, text, etc
– Promotion: public, mass media, directs to main platforms
✔️ Promote regularly to make your popular content easier to find and lead traffic to your business

4️⃣ Lead clients through the buyer journey with specialized content
✔️ To start, bring awareness and inspiration with blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, etc.
✔️ Once people know who you are and your brand, recognize their needs and provide information about how you can help them with white papers, webinars, interactive content, etc.
✔️ Once they know about your products or services, reinforce their positive decision to pick you and onboard your new clients through one-on-one meetings, in-person events, and social events.

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Alina Lee

Alina Lee, Founder of Your Ad Attorney law firm


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