Want to Build a Strong Brand Name? Think in Terms of Trademarks to Add Value to Your Brand!

Are you unsure how to select a brand name that is both memorable and a strong asset? From a trademark perspective, a good name can help you not only stand out but also protect your brand. Here are 3 types of marks to consider.

3 Types of Trademarks

1️⃣ A “Coined” Mark–a word that has no meaning in the English language
E.g., EXXON for gasoline

2️⃣ An “Arbitrary” Mark–a word that exists but is entirely unrelated to the business, product, or service that uses it
E.g., APPLE for computers

3️⃣ A “Suggestive” Mark–a word that suggests the nature of the product or service without describing it
E.g., NETFLIX for streaming services


✅ DO select the strongest types of trademarks: COINED and ARBITRARY marks

These provide an Opportunity to build a positive association between the name and the company, product, or service

❌ DON’T Select a brand name that DESCRIBES the product or service

These are more likely to be used by competitors leading to a higher risk of brand competition

Descriptive words must remain available to describe products and services

These are more likely to be rejected as trademarks


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Alina Lee

Alina Lee, Founder of Your Ad Attorney law firm


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