Want to be a great leader? Adopt the right mindset!

1️⃣ Growth vs Fixed Mindset
✔️ Growth Mindset – intelligence, abilities, and talent can be developed
❌ Fixed Mindset – intelligence, abilities, and talent are inherent
Leaders with a growth mindset tend to embrace challenges, persist more, take advantage of feedback, and achieve more

2️⃣ Learning vs Performance Mindset
✔️ Learning Mindset – motivated to pursue mastery
❌ Performance Mindset – motivated to gain favorable opinions from others
Leaders with a learning mindset are more likely to seek feedback, try harder, adapt better, and perform better

3️⃣ Deliberate vs Implementation Mindset
✔️ Deliberate Mindset – open to a variety of information to find the optimal approach
❌ Implementation Mindset – focused on how to implement a decision
Leaders with a deliberate mindset can be more open-minded to new and different ideas, leading to better decision making

4️⃣ Promotion vs Prevention Mindset
✔️ Promotion Mindset – focused on winning and progressing towards goals
❌ Prevention Mindset – focused on avoiding problems and losses
Leaders with a promotion mindset are more likely to think positive and perform at a higher and more innovative level

Alina Lee

Alina Lee, Founder of Your Ad Attorney law firm


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