Want to be more productive with your day? 4 tips!

Maximize your time with these helpful tips.

1️⃣ Categorize your tasks and events
Prevent visual overload and clearly see how you spend your time in the day by assigning a color to each category and even shades of colors for subcategories.

2️⃣ Breakdown your projects into smaller chunks
Work back from your deadline and break your time into 30-120 minute chunks. By planning enough time for your tasks, you can actually enjoy your downtime and not feel the need to be productive all the time.

3️⃣ Block off time for new tasks and projects
Don’t forget to leave some time to plan the following week and for other tasks or events that may come up midweek.

4️⃣ Consider energy management
Find some tasks more draining than others? Try to space out the tasks that are draining between tasks you enjoy or find energizing to balance your day and week.

Give it a try!

Learn how much time you actually spend on daily activities (it’s often more than you think!)

Find it easier to say no to tasks and social events

Maximize your day and maintain a better life balance

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