Want to be more successful? Here are 5 tips.

October 28, 2021
Written by Alina Lee

Have more fun finding success with these helpful tips.
1️⃣ Be more optimistic
✔️ Did you know that your intelligence and technical skills only predict about 25% of your job success? The remaining 75% of long-term job success is predicted by your optimism, social connection, and perceived stress.
✔️ Optimistic people tend to have a growth mindset and are more resilient, persistent through challenging times. They are also more likely to take positive actions towards their own futures. 
✔️ How to be more optimistic? Be in the present and know that giving your best in every moment will lead to a positive future. Be grateful. Adopt a long-term view with positive and realistic expectations.
2️⃣ See problems as opportunities
✔️ Those who view problems as opportunities for growth excelled and were more resilient through tough times than those who perceived problems as threats. The good news is that this attitude can be learned. Shifting your perspective can decrease your stress symptoms by nearly 25% and improve not only happiness but also engagement at work.
3️⃣ The more work you have, the more social support can help
✔️ The people who best survive stressful and competitive environments increase their social connection and network during those times as opposed to limiting them. 
✔️ While receiving support can help, giving support has even more benefits. The top 25% of those who give support are 10x more engaged than the bottom 25%, are happier, and are also 40% more likely to be promoted in the following 2 years.
4️⃣ Send a short appreciation message
✔️ As soon as you start work in the morning, send a short message thanking or praising someone at work. Something as small as a “thank you” email or text daily can improve your social connection at work and teamwork within your organization. 
5️⃣ Change habits through tiny actions
✔️ People who consciously create positive habits reach higher levels of success, experience less stress, and have more resilience. Taking the first step is often the hardest part, so do something to make positive habits easier to start, even by something as small as 20 seconds. 
✔️ Enjoy exercising in the morning, but sometimes don’t feel like it? Put your workout clothes next to your bed, so it’s easy to get dressed and go. Likewise, make negative habits more difficult, like placing your phone across the room, so it’s not the first thing you check in the morning. 
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