Want to get people to like you? Here are 5 tips.

October 29, 2021
Written by Alina Lee

Build deeper connections with these helpful tips.
1️⃣ Seek thoughts and opinions without judgment
✔️People take pleasure in talking about themselves, so take time to understand people’s thoughts and opinions. Really listen. If you don’t agree or understand, rather than judge them, sincerely show interest. You don’t have to agree to validate someone’s thoughts and feelings.
2️⃣ Put your ego aside
✔️Put your own needs, wants, and opinions aside. Suspend your desire to correct or be correct, and focus more on them. Don’t let your emotions hijack the conversation if you don’t agree. When people hear ideas contrary to their worldview, the logical part of their brain quiets down and the fight or flight response activates. 
3️⃣ Be a good listener
✔️It’s common to have a story or thought to share while listening, but being a good listener is about letting those thoughts go. Stop focusing on what to say next. Instead, lead with curiosity and ask more questions about things you find interesting. 
4️⃣ Check availability
✔️Ask if now is a good time. People need to feel safe and in control and are more likely to help or comply with requests when first asked about their availability. Setting a time constraint at the beginning will also help people feel more at ease, knowing when the interaction will end.
5️⃣ Show positive and open body language 
✔️ Smile! The act of smiling and seeing a smile stimulates and gives the brain pleasure. Uplifting your facial features, like your eyebrows, is very comforting. Palms up signify openness. Keep your chin down to avoid the appearance of looking down on someone. A slight head tilt can make you appear more approachable. 
Bonus Tip! Dealing with people you don’t trust? Be direct and clarify their goals.
✔️When interacting with people you don’t trust, be direct and ask what their goals are for the conversation to avoid being manipulated.
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