Want to grow your business? 3 tips

1️⃣Maximize cross-selling opportunities by building trust
Treat colleagues like an outside referral partner

✅ Get to know your colleagues, their clients, and their expertise
✅ Educate them about when to think of you
✅ Visit meetings of other practice groups
✅ Give business

2️⃣ Create new opportunities by leveraging technology

✅ Use video conferencing platforms to build trust and connection, especially for the first call
✅ Create credibility and boost visibility through webinars, thought leadership, and social media presence
Narrow your position in the marketplace and target your messaging to your target audience to maximize results

3️⃣ Attract and build relationships that are of special interest to you

Identify what is going to make your practice most enjoyable. Business growth isn’t just about getting business through the door. It’s about attracting work you enjoy.

✅ Build and maintain relationships with interesting people you enjoy getting to know
✅ Create opportunities around matters important to you
✅ Meet in person to elevate relationships and share experiences
✅ Maintain human connection and continue to build trust

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Alina Lee

Alina Lee, Founder of Your Ad Attorney law firm


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