Want to live a fuller life? Here are 4 tips.

October 26, 2021
Written by Alina Lee

Face these hard truths to help you live a richer and fuller life. 
1️⃣ You are going to die…someday
✔️ This is a reminder, your wake-up call, to spend your time well and make better choices. Don’t lose track of what’s really important and meaningful. Think priorities and big picture
✔️ Give yourself a healthy dose of perspective. Appreciate what you have as if it’s the last time, and experience things to the fullest as if it’s your first time
2️⃣ Anything worth doing in life requires more work than you think
✔️ The amount of work (let’s say 10,000 hours of deliberate practice) it takes to become an expert can seem daunting, but that is why it is very important for you to pay attention to what you are passionate about. Being engaged and finding satisfaction in what you do has been found to ⬆️ psychological adjustments as you age. 
✔️ Don’t know your passion? Build it. You have a choice to either do things halfway and barely get by or make the commitment to become an expert and do something that makes an impact. Think growth mindset 
✔️ Want more positives? Working hard ➡️⬆️ your lifespan. Struggles ➡️ make life more meaningful. The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and keep learning and growing
3️⃣ You’ll never be perfectly happy
✔️ It’s easy to fall into the thinking of “if I do A, B, and C, I’ll be happy,” but you aren’t wired to experience perpetual bliss. You are wired for productivity (think natural selection). People who are happier and more successful have better coping skills. They are able to accept there’ll be bad moments and continue to work towards the good moments.
✔️ While you may not always be happy, life ebbs and flows, and being grateful for what you do have is one of the ways you can accept and survive the bad moments. 
4️⃣ People will let you down
✔️ No one is immune to making mistakes, and yes, you are going to get screwed occasionally. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop trusting people. In fact, those who trust more made 14.5% more income than those who had little to no trust.  
✔️ One of the biggest indicators of living a happier life is relationships. Even though people may disappoint you at times, they are also the greatest source of happiness. Trust and forgive. It’s better for you in the long run.
✔️ What is an indicator for a good relationship? think 5-1 ratio. You want 5 positive experiences for every negative one. For a good company? Make that ratio 3-1.
Don’t just survive through life, thrive.

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