Want to worry less and relax more on vacation? 3 tips.

Ever feel anxious about work on vacation? You are not alone. Have a better vacation with these tips

1️⃣ Check Your Expectations and maximize your satisfaction and time off by asking yourself these questions
Why do you want a vacation?
How do you want to feel on your vacation?
How do you want to feel when you return?
Plan your PTO around these answers

2️⃣ Determine Your Availability 🗓 Will you be available while on vacation?
If yes, set your work-time boundaries by determining when and how long you plan to be available
If not, set a plan with someone you trust to handle urgent matters while you’re away
While completely unplugging is ideal, figure out what works best for you

3️⃣ Give Yourself Time to Reset
Plan buffer time to help you reset from your vacation. Fully enjoy your travels by writing down your favorite moments. Go for a walk. Exercise.
Give yourself extra time between your vacation and work to help avoid feeling overwhelmed.
Schedule a meeting with those who covered for you and turn off your out of office message a day later (if you can) to give yourself time to catch up


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