Your Ad Attorney 3-Year Anniversary

February 01, 2024
Written by Alina Lee

Your Ad Attorney, Inc. is celebrating its 3rd anniversary today! It’s remarkable how far we’ve come. 🎉

In the last three years, we’ve gone from me working on my own to a team of 10 people and reached the $1M in revenue mark. 🎉

I am so incredibly thankful to:

💎my husband, Alex Meier, for being my biggest supporter and for encouraging me to start my firm

💎my business coach, Tim Fulton, for guiding me and encouraging me to keep going on my toughest days

💎my amazing team, Alexis Marie de la SernaDavid BennettClaudette EnteraAllison Bazinet, Senami CraftKaterina Velanova, Kendall Carter, Caroline Pham, Nicole Zajack, and Osh Lucas for your support and companionship

💎my life coaches, Jill Kersh, MCC, CPCC and Connie McIntyre, for helping me identify my personal mission, vision, and values and for sticking with it

💎my therapist, Dr. Adrienne, for helping me stay healthy mentally and emotionally during my “downs”

💎my amazing clients who believe in me and trust in the team I’ve built

💎my dear friends and family for their love and encouragement

💎everyone else who has mentored me and supported me

It takes a village! I am so fortunate and appreciative to everyone in my life who has helped me the last three years.

With your help, I’ve created something amazing– a law firm that provides true work/life balance to its people. Our team members all get to choose how many hours a week they want to work (between 15-40 hours a week), what days of the week they want to work (3-day and 4-day work weeks are fine!) and share their preferences on the type of legal work they want to handle.

We now have 7 attorneys, and 3 staff members! We also have over 150 clients, including almost ten Fortune 1000-sized companies.

When I started my firm, I did not think I would get to where I am today as quickly (and joyfully!) as I have.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

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About The Author Alina Lee

I am a marketing law attorney who helps marketing agencies and companies with marketing departments protect their brands. In my legal career, I’ve worked at two prominent law firms and in-house at two renowned companies. Through my firm, Your Ad Attorney, I provide end-to-end legal counseling for your front-end marketing, online paywalls, and customer service communications. Plus, I provide up front flat rates on a project-by-project basis with clear turnaround times.

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